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Rig Transmission Clutch

  • Product Name: Pneumatic Tyre Clutch
  • Issue Time: 2018-10-29 15:41:19
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Pneumatic Tyre Clutch


Pneumatic tyre clutch is a kind of friction-type clutch powered by compressed air, the working process of it is achieved by inflating and releasing the pneumatic tyre, which is generally for the equipment that requires the transmission of large torques and the change of the direction of the rotation at a faster rate.

Designed and manufactured in accordance with the standard SY/T "Pneumatic tyre clutch of oil field drilling and production equipment".


* The pneumatic tyre clutch consists of steel ring, friction shoe assembly,torque lever, spring plate, pneumatic tyre, etc,  the pneumatic tyre is the key part of the pneumatic tyre clutch.

* The pneumatic tyre clutch can transmits high torque, engage and disengage smoothly, and absorb the vibration. Its easy to install, and it can compensate a small amount of axial and radial relative offset from the drive and driven shaft. It has the characteristics of long service life, compact structure and good sealing.

Technical Specification

The product models of the pneumatic tyre clutch are as the follows: LT300/100, LT500/125, LT600/125, LT700/135, LT700/200, LT800/135, etc.


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